The Brick Abode

The Brick Abode

The Brick Abode

Projects Description

Plot Area: 2500 Sq Ft

Construction Area: 3000 Sq Ft


The brief of the client was to have  a blend  of a traditional yet a modern home. Coming from two varied ideologies and backgrounds ,the husband and wife wanted their  home to be a certain way. Balancing out their  requirements, we came up with an eclectic approach for the final design. This 5bhk bungalow had to be completely Vaastu compliant.

Yet we tried keeping the elevation  modern with clean lines while using bold metal girders along with  earthy material like brick cladding and stone on the exterior.We tried using  maximum benefit of natural  light and air circulation in order to make the  house more liveable in the hot temperatures of Ahmedabad.

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